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JL Property Inspection is a top-rated inspection service. Owner, John Lorraine, strives to maintain his 5-Star rating throughout the inspection process. Clients quickly learn that the true value of their upcoming inspection is measured by the quality of the inspection experience. Ultimately, the value of any report is in the effort put forth by the inspector. Value is what we do best! 

"GREENVILLE'S BEST LOCAL INSPECTOR" started this business to provide prospective home buyers with confidence; we write custom comments specific to your inspection property, and inspect our recommended repairs FREE. That is added value which brings trust to the process and also adds to your belief that we care about you. We make available to you a 120-day warranty upon request.

Texas inspectors are required to comment on the condition of the roof and the foundation. We walk the roof during an inspection and go into the crawl space without charging extra. We go under the home on a pier and beam inspection and share photographs of structural items that go unnoticed until there is a problem. The plumbing, electrical, venting, ducting, and insulation properties are often found within the crawl space which is why we go there. We do our due diligence to perform a professional inspection by examining all of the visual components available and make each house prove its worth. If an item is marked deficient in the inspection report, proper repair should be verified by a professional. We will review the recommended repairs at no additional cost to you. 

John Lorraine's education, experience, and customer service benefit you throughout the inspection process. From Greenville to Lake Worth, to New Boston, as well as, the routine trips to Dallas, Rockwall, Royse City, Commerce, and Quinlan, it is my pleasure to act with integrity on your behalf as your licensed, insured, and vetted professional inspector.  I chose to work in this industry because it was a natural fit. Decades in the construction trades have given me an awareness of materials and methods in effect behind and beneath walls. The construction industry has sustained my life for more than 30 years. Many inspectors have zero construction experience; those guys are just looking around. Read my reviews and trust that my work is Inspected Once; Inspected Right ®."  ~John Lorraine

Complete Inspections

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Roof Inspections

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Pool & Spa Inspections

Termite Inspections

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 Free Reinspection within 90 days


Quality and Integrity 

First Time Home Buyer Friendly

Inspected Once, Inspected Right!®

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~John Lorraine is the walking embodiment of professionalism...period!~
~Prompte...quality time given to inspections~
~He is always on time, thorough, and easy to work with~