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General Home Inspection

All aspects of the home are surveyed. We inspect the attic, roof, foundation, plumbing, electrical, windows, doors, walls, ceilings, and heating & air conditioning units.

Thermal Imaging

We can examine every inch of your property with our thermal imaging technology. We notify our clients regarding each item with color photographs; these are included in the report.

Electrical Inspection

Proper sizing of wiring to over-current devices, grounding/bonding, conductor type, safety devices, correct polarity of all receptacles, and any observable safety concerns. 

Foundation Inspection 

Foundation Inspections are minimally invasive. Visual inspection of the foundation top is standard, accompanied by measurement differential using laser technology. 

Grading & Drainage

Makes determinations as to the acceptability of grading around the home and suggests remedies that may help to preserve foundational integrity and that of the structure.  

Plumbing Inspection

Testing of the static water pressure, assessment of all fixtures, basins, drains, water heaters, plumbing vents, and safety devices in the home. Slab leaks may be discovered. 


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